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This is a Show forum for showing your recently bought knex. I'll start off: Here is some knex that i got from ebay a month ago. It costed me 40$ and it had 1000+ pieces.

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~KnexBuild~5 years ago
I just got 600 green rods and 200 yellow connecters.
i did the same thing and my frien caut it

By brothers maniac freinds were over last summer, and I had the v1 at the time. Very long story short they had one person on each side holding it so that it was pointing straight up, and they kicked the trigger down. They said they would catch the ammo so It would not get hurt, but once they shot it they all paniced, dropped the cannon (Which broke about 40 pieces) And prettymuch just screamed until the ammo smashed onto the driveway breaking every piece. For compensation he gave me a small knex set :-)

It was pretty sweet though, shooting it straight up...
I did that to...... AND IT WORKED!!!!!
I did that but I didn't freak out... Then i caught it!
LoL! All my brothers friends panicked like mad...
Der Bradly (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
I know :-p
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