New Knex Shotgun Idea

I have an interesting idea for a knex shotgun, as far as i know it hast been made yet. Its going to be a bottom loading pump action gun but it wont shoot rods or be a RBG its going to shoot the inside of the knex tires. I have a vague idea of how i want to go about building it but i wanted to finshing building something else be4 i start it. Just want some input to see what people think

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Easy Button10 years ago
its been done before

clicky this
glitched9700 (author)  Easy Button10 years ago
not what I'm talking about, i want a pump action shotgun and i may switch the ammo to the small gears which may be easier to launch.
that is very hard to impossible unless you find a way to make your own pieces
try this for a mag
interesting but i wanted to see if i can bottom load the gun
yeah just stick a rubber band underneath
not what i was going for
well too bad, cause thats the only way it can be done.
not necessarily
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