New Knex Sniper !!!

Hi there :D Im working on a new knex sniper. It will be an A(ccuracy) I(nternational) A(rctic) W(arfare) L96....i like it because its in WarRock and this sniper pwnz is that game :D it will be bolt action with a true trigger, sad enough untdetachble mag but maybe in the future i make it detacheble. It shoots yellow rods. I also could use red ones but if i used red rods the mag would be to big and unstable and i didnt like that. I have 1 pic of the original L96 and 1 of my gun so far. Hope you like it!!!!

Picture of New Knex Sniper !!!
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Red-Dragon8 years ago
now I am building the gun!!
Red-Dragon8 years ago
please post that gun with speed!!!!!! I love l96 and awm's.
are you going to post any time soon
If you like, I can make make this from the pics and post it if you want.
chombo (author)  benfoxg9 years ago
you can try but the gun sucks. the looks are oke. but the latest version is much better then the version that is showed here. only there's a problem with the mag and i cant get it allright
go on then!
I can't now. I've got a m107 right now i don't want to take apart (my own design)I'll do it when i buy some more knex from ebay.
chombo (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
im sorry im really busy with the mag. it doesnt work very good. one time it doesnt shoot and the other time there are 2 bullets coming out
chombo (author)  chombo9 years ago
oh btw, i think i gonna try to make a very good looking XM8 with ajustable stock. im not sure if i can make it firing very good but i will see
chombo (author) 9 years ago
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