New K'nex ammo!

shoots as accurate as fin ammo and further than oodammo!
i was messing around with several different ideas and came up with my new ammo design
it works amazing with my new rifle ive been experimenting around with and works incredibly well as a group for an amazing shotgun burst
long story short its looking like this shotgun will autoload and shoot over 100ft
its going to pretty much be cheating in a fight
anyway check out my vids here

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instruct397 years ago
so it shoots more than one shot at one trigger pull, right? and is the gun semi-auto?, because an auto loader means it loads a round and pulls the pin for u.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  instruct397 years ago
auto load meaning the next rounds automatically load into the chamber when the bolt is pulled back i do have ideas on how to make it shoot semi auto as well meaning shoot each time you pull the trigger
mmHmm you're all hype but have nothing to show by.
His accomplishments aren't easy to see for new Knex gun builders. With his pistol, he understood that Knex guns shoot farther when the ammo is hit rather than pushed. With that, he invented the "bullet lock" that keeps ammo held in the front of the barrel. That was a pretty big step for Knex gun building. All the other little perfections like how to keep the handle from disconnecting also added to the gun's worth.

His srv1 wasn't too much of an innovation, but it was the first high quality slingshot that demonstrated that slingshots can be the most powerful type of Knex gun.

The Turreted Rifle wasn't great because of the turret (we already had Knexsayer). It was the extremely simple design that used a nearly-perfect pin and trigger setup that made it so powerful. He managed to do that while keeping it compact and without using too many pieces. Why do you think I used it for the NAR?
GLAYF oodalumps6 years ago
Hi i have a question about your hopper fed pistol that uses killerks grip. My hopper keeps getting jammed is there a way to fix that? Great gun.
I think I'm coming across as naive, but I am annoyed to see his cheesy spam advertisements on so many ibles and have so few instructables.
your one to talk, you dont even have an instructable for a knex gun of your own design, let alone it even being good or innovative.
1. I have been on the site for less than a week, so cut me some slack. I actually have something coming up soon.

2. "Innovative"? I don't mean to offend the guy, but here's what I see:

- A block trigger pistol.
- A sniper, but anybody with that many pieces can build a 12 foot long slingshot. That's not very... Innovative... Not to mention he uses modified bullets.
- A turret gun that, while impressive, has been going around for a while.
- A magnum using a unique but not new rail design.

How does he gain fans? Hype. And few people see through it.
H1T4TCH1 DB20166 years ago
I don´t know if you know, but this guy has made the 12th knex gun on this site, and since almost all (good) working knex gun ideas started on instructables: with that pistol he invented the pin-with-rubberbands idea that's used very, very often in a knex gun nowadays
o, and before I forget:


the 'block trigger pistol' : Oct 31, 2006

the sniper (sr-v1) : Dec 23, 2007

since knex guns started in the late months of 2006: this is very innovative. a part of the future of knex guns was in his hands.

AND he did a very good job on the further modding of the br8 and tr18.

post an ible yourself first, than i'll see if you're as good and innovative as KILLERK

read and do some research before commenting .
DB2016 H1T4TCH16 years ago
I never said he wasn't any good. I'm just saying knex has been around since the early nineties, more than a decade before guns on ibles. Again, give me a chance to post something since I have been on the site for a week and can't find a camera, although it is all set up. Notice how I haven't gone around posting a shadow of it on everyone's ibles. I am almost certain knex guns have been around longer than over a decade over the creation of knex guns themselves.
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