New K'nex ammo!

shoots as accurate as fin ammo and further than oodammo!
i was messing around with several different ideas and came up with my new ammo design
it works amazing with my new rifle ive been experimenting around with and works incredibly well as a group for an amazing shotgun burst
long story short its looking like this shotgun will autoload and shoot over 100ft
its going to pretty much be cheating in a fight
anyway check out my vids here

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instruct395 years ago
so it shoots more than one shot at one trigger pull, right? and is the gun semi-auto?, because an auto loader means it loads a round and pulls the pin for u.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  instruct395 years ago
auto load meaning the next rounds automatically load into the chamber when the bolt is pulled back i do have ideas on how to make it shoot semi auto as well meaning shoot each time you pull the trigger
mmHmm you're all hype but have nothing to show by.
His accomplishments aren't easy to see for new Knex gun builders. With his pistol, he understood that Knex guns shoot farther when the ammo is hit rather than pushed. With that, he invented the "bullet lock" that keeps ammo held in the front of the barrel. That was a pretty big step for Knex gun building. All the other little perfections like how to keep the handle from disconnecting also added to the gun's worth.

His srv1 wasn't too much of an innovation, but it was the first high quality slingshot that demonstrated that slingshots can be the most powerful type of Knex gun.

The Turreted Rifle wasn't great because of the turret (we already had Knexsayer). It was the extremely simple design that used a nearly-perfect pin and trigger setup that made it so powerful. He managed to do that while keeping it compact and without using too many pieces. Why do you think I used it for the NAR?
GLAYF oodalumps4 years ago
Hi i have a question about your hopper fed pistol that uses killerks grip. My hopper keeps getting jammed is there a way to fix that? Great gun.
I think I'm coming across as naive, but I am annoyed to see his cheesy spam advertisements on so many ibles and have so few instructables.
your one to talk, you dont even have an instructable for a knex gun of your own design, let alone it even being good or innovative.
1. I have been on the site for less than a week, so cut me some slack. I actually have something coming up soon.

2. "Innovative"? I don't mean to offend the guy, but here's what I see:

- A block trigger pistol.
- A sniper, but anybody with that many pieces can build a 12 foot long slingshot. That's not very... Innovative... Not to mention he uses modified bullets.
- A turret gun that, while impressive, has been going around for a while.
- A magnum using a unique but not new rail design.

How does he gain fans? Hype. And few people see through it.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
I don´t know if you know, but this guy has made the 12th knex gun on this site, and since almost all (good) working knex gun ideas started on instructables: with that pistol he invented the pin-with-rubberbands idea that's used very, very often in a knex gun nowadays
o, and before I forget:


the 'block trigger pistol' : Oct 31, 2006

the sniper (sr-v1) : Dec 23, 2007

since knex guns started in the late months of 2006: this is very innovative. a part of the future of knex guns was in his hands.

AND he did a very good job on the further modding of the br8 and tr18.

post an ible yourself first, than i'll see if you're as good and innovative as KILLERK

read and do some research before commenting .
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
I never said he wasn't any good. I'm just saying knex has been around since the early nineties, more than a decade before guns on ibles. Again, give me a chance to post something since I have been on the site for a week and can't find a camera, although it is all set up. Notice how I haven't gone around posting a shadow of it on everyone's ibles. I am almost certain knex guns have been around longer than over a decade over the creation of knex guns themselves.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
this isn't about how long knex or knex guns exists, this is about you pretending that KILLERK hasn't been innovative with the things he made.
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
1. It is so simple to build a gun that isn't a block trigger, I never hit that stage, I found a simple way to build a realistic trigger. What he made was a block trigger, whatever little gimmicks he had with it weren't exactly "innovative".

Innovative: To invent or begin to apply methods, ideas etc.

- World English Dictionary

Did he invent a new mechanism or design? No, block triggers existed before then, and while his sniper rifle's length is impressive, I argue that with that many pieces such a feat isn't difficult, as at that point you are just making a tension machine. Slingshots have been around for ages.

His guns are good, I never said that they weren't any good, but my main point is he build so much hype and spam with cheesy advertisements and gimmicks like this than posting actual guns.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
Ok. Let's create a scenario based on your logic.

Randy Farmer invents the cotton gin, but doesn't bother to tell anyone except his slaves who need to use it, and since nobody believes the slaves, the invention is believed to have not existed since nobody was told about it.

Eli Whitney "invents" the cotton gin a year later, tells people, and even gets a patent. Upon hearing this, Randy Farmer comes out and tells the public he made the same thing a year before, despite the fact that he never told anyone or never got a patent on it. Who's more likely to be believed?

Even more importantly, who was contributing more to the farming community? Eli Whitney obviously, because he was the one making his invention public and sharing it with other people and making other's lives easier. Randy Farmer on the other hand kept it to himself until someone else invented the same thing, and all he did after that was try and take credit for it, which really doesn't accomplish anything.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
You are limiting yourself to a single website, and you are not reading AT ALL what I said below this comment. That is a different situation altogether.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
Single website? I thought you were talking about people who make knex stuff but don't post it online at all. That's what my scenario is comparing here. Besides that there was no major centralized hub for knexers that let people made knex guns until 2006. I think Sscoasters was here before the knex community on ibles but it only let people make coasters.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
My point was, I was making knex guns since I was four, and thousands of other kids too, but on ONE website over a decade later things started to pick up. In 1998, the first JPEG enabled cameras hit the market. That is probably a big reason why knex guns weren't online before then. I think you are missing my point.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
True. My point is that you don't get points for having an invention that nobody knows about.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
Right, but I think it's safe to say that if someone patented the smiley emoticon, e.g. : ), everyone would know he didn't make it up, he just went public with it.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
He did invent things. Read my comments carefully. You will see that I am talking about the new mechanism he invented: The pin idea, not the block trigger. Because this isn't the 1st gun on the site ut the 12th one, I can't say if he really did invented it himself, but ask to DJradio or some other pro-knexers, they will know. Main thing is, that he had a big input in future knexing. Oh, and about the sniper (SR-v1) you were talking about: Many knexers couldn't make things like that back in 2007/2008. Many could nowadays, but there wasn't barely any knowledge on knex guns and mechanisms back then.
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
Again, you are limiting yourself to Instructables. Now that that's been said, who are the other first knex gunners? Who's the fifth? Who's the tenth? Who else had good ideas? I AM NOT SAYING KILLERK IS BAD. I am saying his jump from the knex cannon to the block trigger pistol wasn't nearly as great as the jump to true-triggered handle mag guns. Again, a sniper a couple of feet long with the same connector pattern, while new, isn't exactly "innovative", but if it were 6 in. long and got good range, THEN i would be innovative. I'm using extremes, but surely you see my point.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
again, do some research dude! you gotta open your eyes to see stats and range. I'll let you do the research yourself now, the only thing I say: the range of the sr-v1 and v2 are not what you expect ;)
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
Cute. Let's get this straight: What happens to air when you travel really fast? It turns into molasses. Simple physics dictate that a small, lightweight plastic rod could not travel 500 feet, at least, not without some sort of modification: fins. Now, the bullet is more aerodynamic and stable in flight. But now you're launching something that includes foreign objects. When you get to that point, you are creating something outside of knex, and that is like "cheating", whether it's in a war or contest. Not to mention, did anyone consider 500 feet might be an exaggeration? Especially considering that's about 20 times the average knex gun's distance, which usually is 20-30 feet. That's ridiculous, and how did he get so many people to follow his lead? Spam and hype.
H1T4TCH1 DB20164 years ago
I never said it could travel 500 feet, and I don't believe it myself either.
"When you get to that point, you are creating something outside of knex, and that is like "cheating""

I also feel that way about finammo. You should check out knexinnovation.net and #KIchat. KILLERK and a lot of other big knexers go to KIchat, so you can ask questions or argue or whatever. Expect profanity and insults (usually jokingly), though.

The chat's IRC information is:

Or just click this link
Thanks man, I was hoping there was a chat-box somewhere... Thanks!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  DB20165 years ago
sooo u hate me? ; P lol
Srv2 500ft was the furthest i got the gun to shoot... believe it
TRs 350ft is the furthest i can get that gun to shoot... believe it
and long story short
fin ammo rocks i took a lot of time developing exactly how to make the fins where to place em on the rods how sturdy they are etc...
i don't claim to be god but i do know a thing or two about making knex guns
i try making war guns thats it
if it doesn't hold up or have a place at a war indoor or outdoor u would find me building it
i love building because its fun... i spam to show off my work... i spam to get feedback and learn from others... not to get approval or ratings or any of that
i build for fun as u should too
if you don't like my guns... don't build em... if u want to be popular build guns that are better then my own don't spend hrs complaining... whats the point?
I wasn't trying to start an argument. I stated my opinions about what I thought, none of it was personal, just my opinions, period. I just didn't like the spam, I thought it was cocky. I didn't spend hours complaining, I DO build my own guns I just don't post them because 1. I can't find a camera at the moment and 2. I end up tweaking and modding my own stuff to the point it's almost ridiculous, I wasn't putting you down or anything, I was just saying what I thought about hype and it quickly became bitter, and I'm sorry for that. I don't mind your guns, it's the way you advertise them that makes me cringe.

I really don't like it when I have to talk like this, let's just end it at this, we both heard the others' opinion, so hopefully we understand each other enough to just end it now.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  DB20165 years ago
no problem man
by the way
im the exact same way... i barely post stuff because i am continually modding my stuff lol
Cool, hahaha. I guess I understand you more now, I just didn't know you the same way I do now, is all. Thanks for understanding!
Mepain DB20165 years ago
(you usually have to stay for more than 2 minutes)

We saw that you were in there literally 1 minute after you left
DB2016 Mepain5 years ago
Haha I didn't know anybody noticed. I need a site like KI because I have some really nice stuff but it's all guns on ibles.
It's all guns on KI :P
Not true. There are sections for Models, Mechanisms, Vehicles, etc. and although there are lots of guns, the epidemic isn't as bad as Instructables.
I know that, the websites are proportional. There is probably the same ratio of guns to non guns on here as there is on KI, it's just there isn't much posted there any more.
More like the irc channel is much more active, mainly because everyone that we actually care about sharing things with pops in there.
KIchat? Sorry I rarely go into it, I might drop by some time.
This isn't a 'cheesy advertisement'. He's just a lazy builder, lots of people are. He posts a forum topic topic about an upcoming build, then no longer has the motivation to continue with it. I agree, some pictures would be nice so we could continue with it. The fact that he no longer posts much on here is because this isn't his main website.
In the video, he could have been throwing a rock for all we know. It's not lazy, it's just he wants you guys to get all excited about something he'll never post, that way he gets views and fans because they check in day after day to see if he's posted it yet.
That is not true. KillerK is not like that. I admit he did spam a lot with his grenade thing last year, I don't know why he did that. There are way more builders that spam more than KillerK. This post was a bit selfish I know because he didn't even put a picture of the gun in question. He isn't around enough to care about views/subs/etc any more. I know a few people on this website who would die for the attention killerk gets, and they spam like a spamming machine.
He spammed on Gorkem's Rifle with his sniper. He spammed on dsman's sniper with the magnum he never posted. Those are the freshest in my mind right now. Don't ever justify anything by saying other people did it, or did more. The fact is he did it and he did it a lot.
Its how people get noticed, get used to it.
If their gun's any good it will get noticed, I'm NOT saying KillerK's not any good I'm saying he went about it all the wrong way.
Its the sad truth. I have seen some amazing guns that have <500 views, and newer bad guns that get too many views, because of spam. Thats (unfortunately) the way to get many followers here, the website is too big. It's like being a needle in a haystack if you want to get your guns noticed. Thats where KI comes in. Go into KI chat if you want anything noticed, or if you want anything from the KI team, because it is much easier to get your stuff noticed there, despite the decrease in users.
Actually if you're a known name and/or you have a large subscriber base your stuff will get views by itself.

Creations on KI get more views than on Instructables at a faster rate, but there's little emphasis and little feedback if you aren't as well known.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
That's not completely true. You give your opinion with being only a week on the site.
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
I've been on the site for years, studying mechanisms for other things, only recently have I made an account and built anything, and already built something independent of what anybody else has built. Just because I'm new doesn't render my opinion invalid.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
Then I have a question. Did you have an other account ?
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
No, I never really saw the use, until they slowly took away the power of the non-user and eventually non-pro. You used to be able to view all of the steps on one page as a non-member, now you even have to pay. So no, not until it became necessary in order to build/study other peoples' works.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
you don't know if he has moved, if he's busy, you don't know anything...
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
If he's moved or busy how does he manage to spam people's ibles with pictures (or shadows) of his guns, post forums, post "eye candy," etc. Why didn't he just take a picture of the bullet, show us in the video, post his guns, etc.? If he were busy doing these things would actually save time, he wastes time to build hype and have people subscribe because they can't handle the excitement.


^Think about that, after you read it. What do you think is going through KillerK's head when he posts vague descriptions and pictures? That you'll be able to build from the picture? Would it not be just as easy to post the stupid thing as a one-picture forum topic, or even as a comment on one of HIS topics/orangeboard/ible?
exist -s
100% true. Knex themselves made instructions for a bendy rod powered launcher. Oodalumps started making guns way before Instructables or Youtube was around. His machine gun has gotten over 1 million views since 2006 when he first posted it. It was a massive leap forward.
Right, thank you. My point here is, that

1. His guns only get the attention they do because he does publicity stunts like this, and
2. K'nex guns have been around since the very first little boy made his very first block trigger pistol Christmas 1993.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
No, they get the attention because it's rightfully deserved. They add original and innovative ideas to the knex community, and his first 2 posted guns had the record for farthest shooting gun at the time of posting to add on to all of that (although he beat his own record with the SR-v2). I've seen more posts about the these guns from other users of the community than Killerk himself.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
If you took the time to read other comments, you'd see this debate has already been settled.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
I know, but nobody bothered to point out what I just did.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
But that doesn't matter, because it's already settled. I understand him better and vice versa.
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
Well excuse me for not seeing this until 3 days after...

Oh and also:
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
OK, OK, I'm tired of fighting with you, I think it's silly and we oughtta get past it here and now. If you're an expert, help me by recommending guns, showing me in MS Paint or something what works and what doesn't, and I'd appreciate that, not telling me what I COULD be making and such.

I'm new...
DJ Radio DB20165 years ago
Foof's comment really sums up what I wanted to say.
DB2016 DJ Radio5 years ago
I've already seen it 5,000 times, but alright.
Read This, it helps in every way. I always refer to it whenever I forget a detail or two, I recommend spending time to read the whole thing. More or less everything is in it.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
And how you know he did make a block trig pistol in Christmas 1993 ?
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
*facepalm* It's a random kid, my point was since there was knex there was knex guns.
H1T4TCH1 DB20165 years ago
and THAT is your biggest mistake! it's not true.
DB2016 H1T4TCH15 years ago
How do you know? You are limiting yourself to instructables. The first thing I did when I was four, when I first discovered knex, was connect a blue rod to a red connector to a grey rod and called it a gun. I made my first true-trigger gun when I was six. It could very well be true, it just wasn't until 2006 that knex guns really picked up online.
I was talking about knex guns on íbles by the way, forgot to mention in the long comment above.
He didn't invent the "pin with rubberbands" idea, that's been around for ages. He just perfected it for single shot pistols.
mahmel DB20165 years ago
That does not take away you haven't built anything and he has made a brilliant turret design. And why do you care if he got 'fans'? They're just people who like his work, that's not a big thing, right??
DB2016 mahmel5 years ago
'haven't built anything"? No, I just skip the "internet glory" part and take them out with my friends. I don't care if he has fans, but as far as I can see they're all sheeple. "brilliant turret design"? He made an 8-barrel turret (which had existed before that) and only adapted the 12, 18 or whatever turrets to his guns but didn't make them.

I've built stuff, I just never thought that a bunch of legos snapped together to shoot stuff were popular online, especially among people in their twenties.
mahmel DB20165 years ago
... Whatever, you just shouldn't hate on people because you don't like his work and others do. And it's pretty logical I said you haven't built anything. Ofcourse I understand that you made creations with knex, but the fact you never post anything (good) and KK did, I was annoyed by you hating (a bit) on him.
DB2016 mahmel5 years ago
No it's not logical at all that you said I haven't built anything, I haven't POSTED anything. I LOVE how you included the word "good" in parentheses, as if you've built something worth noting. I'm not saying your stuff isn't "good," I'm saying you don't stick out only because you don't build hype like this guy does. You build better guns than him, yet he gets all the attention because he posts 2 short videos with no content to advertise something that might have already been thought up somewhere. I'm not hating on him and I'm not saying he's bad with k'nex, I'm just saying he has nothing that much better in comparison than anybody here.
mahmel DB20165 years ago
Dude I just said I understand that you ofcourse have built stuff, but not posted! And if you think killlerk is an average builder, that's ok. But you shouldn't make a big point of it.
DB2016 mahmel5 years ago
"...And it's pretty logical I said you haven't built anything. Ofcourse I understand that you made creations with knex, but the fact you never post anything..."

Yeah. THAT made sense.

What I'm saying is, he doesn't get fans because he's good, he gets them by building hype and then never posting.
mahmel DB20165 years ago
Ohman come on, I'm not hating on you! Yes, ofcourse what I said was not very logical. But I meant the first sentece 'I said you haven't built anything' that you never posted something.

And okay, I see why you don't like him, but there are so many other builders, you shouldn't spend a lot of time to people you don't like - just an advice.
DB2016 mahmel5 years ago
Alright, so now you see my point, and I thank you. I am not hating on him I just don't like how he goes about things is all, and I'm stating my opinion, so yeah. I think we understand each other enough to just end it here?
mahmel DB20165 years ago
Great idea.
thank you and please read my comment at the top (all of you in the arguement)
me too
You are misinformed. He invented the 8 round turret that would autorotate. Mepain invented the 8 round turret, but would only rotate manually, Bakenbitz invented the 18 round turret.

Sorry, I'm like that :)

PS Who ever knew low-quality plastic guns that shoot pieces of safety foam were so popular?
Well, my point still stands, he never made it, he modified it, that's what he does.

What are you referencing at the bottom?
Not really. The TR series was still originally made by him and all the guys at KI inputted into it, he still thinks his original turret is better than the 18 one. He modifies, so what, it's his own gun he's modifying, there's nothing bad about that.

And before you say 'its not his gun', you need to go to knexinnovation.
I don't think you see my point, he modifies heavily upon what other people do, THAT's his innovation, to date he hasn't posted anything that has started a new style EXCEPT the TR series, but I'm not talking about the TR series. My whole point was he spams to get attention, and he builds hype to gain fans. I was never going to bring his guns or legacy or whatever into this.
What did he modify?
To an extent, "basic knex cannon" I believe it was called by (your name here). Say he had made his original gun true-triggered, I would respect him more, but he simply added to it. If we had a list of first guns on this site I'd like to see how many of the first guns had similar improvements over the first gun (handle, longer pin, etc.)
Problem? That's like saying every car is a mod of the Benz Motorwagen (the first car)
Well, in a sense, it really is, just updated every year, but the cars made for the people who "just want a car" are like mods of that, so in a sense, yes, to an extent, however.
if you dont like what we do, then why bother talking to us?
I never said I don't like what you do. I just never thought to post anything.
That's called a repeater. Bolt action, pump action, and lever action firearms are all categorized under repeater. Manually recocked but not manually loaded in the sense of placing a round into the chamber yourself.
Alright, sounds great guys!
sprout_less5 years ago
KK this was stupid don't post this until you actually show us the ammo.
Just let the man work. God. I mean people actually have lives away from posting knex guns and ammo on instructables.
DB2016 _kira_5 years ago
...And posting posts with nothing in them.

Oh wait.
Mace!5 years ago
Can't wait! There hasn't been a reliable shotgun on the site that gets good distance. Be sure to post a picture when it gets close to perfection!
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!5 years ago
i haven't worked on this project in awhile and it is far from completion but the idea seems solid i have academies coming up in march so if im not done by march its doubtful it will be completed till early summer
Yeah, sorry, I guess I haven't noticed this topic until now. Still, though, it's a neat concept that sounds like it would be useful in a K'nex war. If it isn't too much trouble, would you mind explaining how the gun and concept worked, maybe even post a picture if you still have it built?
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  Mace!5 years ago
i will when its ready to be introduced it still is in experimenting phase lol