New K'nex firing/trigger method - shotgun burst effect

Meet my latest invention, the Quad Blaster. Its simplicity allows for a very compact system. Uses multiple, stacked slingshots and 'let-go' triggers that let me fire four single shots, or all four simultaneously. Check out the vid...

The ammo it shoots are yellow rods that have tan clip connectors on the ends that hook into the rubber bands. Surprisingly powerful.

I'm going to try to reduce its misfiring problem, then the Instructable for it will be underway.

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TigerNod8 years ago
What is the music called? I believe I heard it before on Battlecast Primetime.
Perfect Duck (author) 10 years ago
I know that one person, iKill is already interested, and as stated in my reply to infinnion, I'm pretty busy so ... ... Anyone interested in making an instructable on this original Quad Blaster (what's shown in this video)??? I could provide a few pictures and you could figure it out from there. Could even be a collaboration, just let me know. Otherwise, iKill, respond again to this and I'll send pictures to you.
i made a instructable on it.
supply me with the pictures and i will post it if you wish
Danny Danny10 years ago
i meant a few pics so i can build it
Danny Danny10 years ago
Dutchj Danny10 years ago
You should indeed be able to build it with my pictures, just dont forget to put a green rod on the end of the triggers next to the blue rod like Perfect Duck said, because without them the triggers are very weak. I also recommend his rubberband layout.
Danny Dutchj10 years ago
i dont get the triggers thats the only part, if you could add just one more of the triggers then id be happy =D
Perfect Duck (author)  Danny10 years ago
Problem is I don't have this Quad Blaster anymore - it's been extensively modified that it no longer has triggers and instead a camshaft mechanism for motorization. Too lazy/busy to build another, and I don't want to lose what I have built here. (it's a component of my current project) Dutchj's got some pictures if you scroll downward here, and you can pause the movie anywhere. Go ahead with it, and good luck! :D
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