New K'nex ideas and a request.

'Sup people, K'nex.X here,

I got something to ask you, does anyone has any ideas for a new K'nex gun? I've practically ran dry and I'd love to have something new to work on. Don't come showing me pictures of models, I'm talking about real innovation like bolt action, lever action and/or semi auto's with a potential range over 30 feet.

Next, I got an idea. What if we stop focussing on making models, replicating them as best as we can with the limited forms of k'nex pieces?
We could focus on real innovation, the world needs about a 100 more Oblivitus and Kinetic's. Just check it out. Even though most have given up hopes, there are still loads of ideas to improve, perform or make. Take a look at thedunkis' forum topics, Oblivitus' concepts I'ble and Kinetic's mechs. For example, I'm now working on a bullpup, bolt action, horizontal magazine gun. Concepts are far more challenging than replicas. Just try it out for yourself. 

Another thing, the veterans left. So stop making a 1001 forum topics about where everybody is, they have left. Mepain, DJRadio, Oodalumps, Zak, Shadowninja31, Coolbas, Killer-safecracker, IamCanadian, KILLERK. They all left. stop complaining, instead of whining, go out there and design something new! The red book of westmarch, Senior waffleman, Drrichtofen and all the awesome new(er) guys. You are the future of K'nex guns!

Yours sincerely,


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I would really like to point something out about bolt action K'NEX guns. They are not bolt action. A bolt action K'NEX gun (from now on a BA) is really just a gun that singles out each and ever bullet in the magazine. If you are going by the actual definition, a K'NEX BA gun would need a bolt that pulls the round out of some sort of magazine and brings it into the tube-like bolt. What some K'NEXers have defined a BA mech as is a mech that pushes the rounds out of a mag, into a separate chamber...EVERY (real) GUN DOES THAT. Find a new name please. Thank you.
Hmmm... so that's what bolt action is? May need to try one. Another item on my list of things to build.
That would be cool if you could do it, but really not necessary, as the BA K'NEX *cough* the separate chamber mech is fine enough.
Well I wasn't thinking about a full blown bolt action. I was considering sampling what other's think is bolt action. The one that comes to mind that I want to try is the one by Sharir1701. Isn't it the S3 or something? Nevermind I'll find out when I make it unless you had any other bolt action mechs that came to mind.
Well, if you were thinking about building the S1, don't waste your time. I built it, and it is not very good...I worked with it for 3-4 days, and it did not work to well...
Really!? Well then I guess I'll look around some more.
Well, let me rephrase. If you want a good idea of a SCM (separate chamber mech, what some call a "bolt action") you should build the S1. If you want a gun that works and shoots well, you should not build the S1.
Alright then, thanks for rephrasing that. I was acctually thinking of trying the S4 but I may do the S1 for a smaller size.
OK, good. Would you mind giving me a pic of yours when you are done modding it or whatever?
Can do. Just need to finish that big project first.
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