New K'nex site!

Here is the new knex site i created.
I don't care if it utterly fails.
Just created it bout' a hour ago, so don't expect anything. I want to get a few members first.

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NYPA (author) 7 years ago
DJ Radio NYPA7 years ago
TheDunkis7 years ago
Do you guys want K'nexables back? There isn't anything really stopping me. Of course I have to remove DGM and DJ's immaturity but otherwise it would easily be up and running again.
Well technically it's still in perfect working order so the only thing truly stopping it from being used is the lack of activity from members. Gather some friends and go to it if you want. I'm not going to bother advertising for it though. I don't think I'll work on it anymore but I may test some things on it.
I joined
I won't go there permenantly, I'll stay here as well. But yes, I''ll go back to it.
NYPA (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
Then their would be just competition. Besides, you can't revive a dead site very well. And, if this doesn't fail, there won't be any need. But go ahead if you want to.
TheDunkis NYPA7 years ago
lol no offense but your site isn't that much. It's made with a website building host... There isn't much content to it. Have you seen K'nexables? It's a little more developed. And whats the difference between reviving a dead site and starting a new one? The dead site still has some left over content on it. Well I don't know. I should just hand someone K'nexables and see if they want to take it somewhere.
If you do bring back Knexibles, I would be willing to work on it. I don't have time to manage a website all by myself full time, but I could at least work on improving it, and help out with what ever I could.
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