New Knex website

I was wondering if people would use a new knex site devoted completely to knex weapons? I have the knowledge to do it, but don’t know if it would be worth it.

I just want to have a new site where I won’t have to sift through hundreds of useless guns (IE. block triggers, old "semi auto's") and models so bad that you think it’s a plane when its supposed to be a car. The only adds that i would put on the site would be to cover the cost of hosting.

If you would use the site then please leave a comment saying so, and if you wouldnt use the site then please say why.

For me to create this then i must have at least 15 people who will be active.

5/15 people

0 people to help

If you are interested in helping the please pm me.

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sonic broom2 years ago

Call it it would be kind of like facebook for knexers

if you ever make a site please send me a link so that i can check it out!

I am afraid that 1825 is long gone...

Yes he is gone but maybe someone else will make a real website. instructables is fine with me but i just thought that i would share my name idea.

I may attempt it in the future. I've been meaning to practice my web dev skills and it'd pose an interesting challenge to "pull" the instructions from an instructable page and format it into a new instructions page on another website. As for the name, eh, I wouldn't really base it on anything else.


There is this (Instructables), Knex Innovation, and Youtube. It's gonna have to be a REALLY good site for people to join. A lot of people have tried it already.
 Don't forget there are also and
182515 (author)  Kairah7 years ago
Neither of them have knex guns on them
Thats true. I don't go on either of those though that's why I forgot.
oodalumps7 years ago
Have you forgotten that KI exists?
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