New K'nex wheel design

I've been working on a new ball machine for a few years and finally decided to tear it down and start anew; one thing I did save was this wheel. It uses chain for a rim to make a "perfectly" circular wheel. With grey rods on every rim connector it is quite heavy, in my ball machine I used a delay to send 3 balls onto it at once to make it spin nicely. If you want you could only use once white connector and 8 grey rods to make a lighter frame that would spin well with only one ball on it.



Picture of New K'nex wheel design
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www1392 years ago

you're not dead!!!! yaaaaay!

Good to see you are still around! Build some big guns! :P

I_am_Canadian (author)  Knex Lego Maniac3 years ago

Oh I will ;-)

Hey, its that legendary guy!

Yep! He made that lift I showed you!

hunter9993 years ago

YOUR ALIVE! Man seriously, I can't get it into my head that your still building! Can't wait for your next ball machine man =D!


KneXtreme3 years ago

Nice ferris wheel. Glad to see your still around :) If only my ball machine was bigger :(

I_am_Canadian (author) 3 years ago

Of course!! Go crazy! Sharing ideas is what instructables is all about.

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