New Login released

Hi! We've just released an update to the site.

It doesn't do too much, but now the login should be a pretty window that pops up and looks a little better than the previous one.

There's also a new design for the Go Pro page, but if you're reading this then you're probably never going to see that page.

As always, please message me directly or post to the support forums for help or if you notice any problems.

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OMG !!!

Jayefuu6 years ago
Nice work guys! The changes look great, and I like that the pro features page doesn't come across as pushy as lot of websites trying to sell subscriptions.
right, agree
apolloled5 years ago
yeah, I agree
Jayefuu6 years ago
I found a couple of small issues with the javascript login popup.

1) "Get more out of Instructables" should be on one line.
2) There's a problem with Z positions. Any adverts on the page behind it have a Z position higher than the JS popup.

Goodhart6 years ago
I see the PRO page every time I try to use a link from my email :-) unless I sign in first.