New PDF Layouts on the way

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up for pro members: in our continuing efforts this year to add value to pro memberships, we're releasing changes shortly that should make the PDF downloads much simpler to download, and much more attractive and readable once you do. They feature two-column layout for more readable text, and accommodate much more of the formatting that makes each Instructable unique.

To begin with, these new PDF layouts will only appear for newly generated PDFs. As we receive your feedback on them and iron out any kinks, we'll expand to include more projects, replacing the old PDF layouts over time.

Big changes like this always come with some unpredictable parts, so if you notice anything that's a little off, please let us know!


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owlsquest9 months ago

Wish there was still an option for downloading the comments section as well like before. Can add comments after the fact as I have the full Adobe Acrobat program but any photos shown in the comments section are lost.

@owisquest - I agree, sometimes I get more useful information from the comments than in the actual "IBLE". I am able to get the comments, along with the pictures, by selecting view all steps, then printing with the PDF printers I have installed on my computer. I use PDF Creator or Foxit PDF printer. Both of those are free.

dhaykus041810 months ago

The new PDF process is flawed, on a lot of them when I click on download absolutely nothing happens (the popup disappears and no file is downloaded)! It happened on both that I tried to download today. I had no problems with the old way it was setup. My advice, it wasn't broken in the first place, why tinker with it?

Yonatan2410 months ago

Just tried downloading a PDF of my new I'ble (40 minutes old). Got this:

Instructables is experiencing technical difficulties! We're terribly sorry about this and we're doing our best to fix it. We'll be back online as soon as we can

Might still show, I don't know:

I typed up this comment, and then tried downloading on of my older I'bles, and it downloaded. Could I have had issues because it was really new?

Works now, but it downloaded an older version of my I'ble (I made a few quick changes) so it looks like time was the issue.

fredrayn10 months ago

why is it not download pdf files but a blank sheet as i have tried to download (knex triple moving arm lift) by thiibault art.( why fix that not broken.)

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