New Shotgun

So, I've been working on a new shotgun for a while, sort of as a sequel to my first one. I just finished version 1, and will be testing it for a while, and I will hopefully have instructions a little bit after that. Features: New, easier system for loading shells/cartridges True, sliding trigger Decent power (more than the last shotgun) More solid construction Still no mag though :(

Picture of New Shotgun
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lukeg36c8 years ago
tis is no discussion POST
pls8 years ago
Wow, awesome job dude:D Looks awesome!
ajleece8 years ago
looks good. do you think you could add a video? that would be good
DRADIS (author)  ajleece8 years ago
Sorry, I have no video capability, not even a cell phone :P
ajleece DRADIS8 years ago
dang it.....
DJ Radio8 years ago
Nice! is it pump action?
DRADIS (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
No, no pump this time. It was really an unnecessary complication (even though it was cool)
DJ Radio DRADIS8 years ago
I think you could make it so you pull it backwards.
knexguy8 years ago
I like the handle and trigger! Looks solid.
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