New Side-Arm DMTD (name pending)

Well some of you might have heard dsman and I are making a new side arm mainly by combining our side arms and then adding even more features. Some things we (well I) plan on -Stronger and just as reliable as DMS -Small and as comfortable as TDS -Removable magazine -Slide -A new feature I'm working on. Adjustable site for aiming at distances. So yeah we decided to team up because I honestly just got tired of competing with dsman. I have some questions for you though What ammo do you want us to use? We are leaning towards dark greys. Also what other details do you want? Such as what kind of trigger (true obviously) and also do you want it to be detailed like the gun down below or do you want it to be straight forward like the TDS? Give me any other features you want. This gun isn't what we are working on...yet. We might use it as a base. For anyone curious this gun is my newest version of what used to be the D. Falcon from the video comparing our side arms. It was what I was working on to beat both of them. This is mainly for the concept removable magazine I'm working on.

Picture of New Side-Arm DMTD (name pending)
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TheDunkis (author) 9 years ago
By the way would whoever is attacking my ratings please stop! Why are you doing that? You knocked four of my guns off of the front page! Four!! Why? Are you that jealous or what? It's really low. Like as low as your IQ at this point.
about ratings how do you rate?
its not me trust me i have almost all of your guns and enjoy all of them
combatknex9 years ago
for the tape can u put 1 long piece around the whole clip until the two ends of tape meet the stick the to ends together by themselves so the stickky side does not have to be on the conectors?
TheDunkis (author)  combatknex9 years ago
*Sigh* I was hoping people would relise the obvious fact that I have a lot more common sense than to make the inside sticky. I happened to place tape on the inside of the magazine too y'know. That would probably work better. Much good it will do you not as if the gun or just the magazine even worked well I would have posted it by now.
Katarukito9 years ago
how does the tape thing work
MI69 years ago
The little whites a s ammo definitely . Although there's tape, i love the mag and bendy peice handle. I would reeeealy like to make this gun.
TheDunkis (author)  MI69 years ago
little whites? Like rods? I really dislike that ammo and it's hard to work with. Anyways dsman and I kind of put this project on hold for who knows how long. If you want to make the gun I showed then go ahead it isn't that hard to figure out at all from the picture. The top and bendies are just decoration. Yeah I know tape stinks but it was either that or a thick handle and I just hate those.
Ive started work on a pistol with mags that clip inside the handle and are ready to shoot right away. No tape!
On KI, on Mepain's New gun topic I think it was DutchJ posted some pics of a removable mag like how you said on I don't have an account there so I am telling you here. It would be a great idea for a pistol I believe!
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