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I just got a new skateboard(not a tech deck) from big 5. I know that means its crappy but I am just learning so this is a beginner board. The brand is Kryptonics Is that a reliable brand or should I get a new deck?????

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Zero all the way, if you wanna skate, you need to buck up and spend some serious cash on some skating stuff, my whole setup is worth about $173 , and I've never snapped a deck in my 1 year of skating, just save up some money and get a real pro board. You also should slop up your shoes with shoe goo before you even skate them, just search around for tips and tricks with skating, and be mindful that you will bust your balls more than once. Search around for a brand whose graphics and decks you like, and stay with em, but it'll take time to find 1.
Xander da gr8 (author)  NinJa_RaiZer9 years ago
Ok Thx, Thats probably what I'll do...
globe9 years ago
dude i had 1 b4 & it sucked like hell! u should get a plan b board. they are good for beginers.i can post some stuff to help you get better @ board'n
110100101109 years ago
the thing that breaks in bad boards is the casting part to which the wheels are mounted. the exact place of breakage is the part that goes around the screw unless you jump on it / hit it to the ground with enough force / lean too much to the side (past the point where it won't go anymore) you won't break it so for plain ride and some ground-level light tricks it should be ok enough happy skatng !
Xander da gr8 (author)  110100101109 years ago
thx, I still completely suck, so I won't be doing anything like that anytime soon...
teacher of the ways is right but if it was me I would start on a crud board and work my way up =)
i think that is a fine starter board, but it wont last you long it is crappy.
Xander da gr8 (author)  TeacherOfTheWays9 years ago
Thanks, my friend just gave me his old board. It is very scratched up but very good quality
You should start off with a real board, something simple, like World Industries. But if you get really good with that board, then you can then get the pro boards. :P
Xander da gr8 (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
So you think this is good enough for right now?
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