New Speed Contest Announced!

You have three weeks to make an Instructable that involves LEDs. Go!

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Awww jeez. I know nothing about LEDs. Time to learn, maybe! :P
I KNOW! Put LEDs in Barbie's eyes!
Hahaha, too easy. Red ones would be fun for next Halloween, though. :D I'm just going to have to research and brainstorm.
So? This is a speedcontest, i.e. pageviews -- try to get on Digg
LED pasties it is, then! (Should probably add that I might be kidding. Perhaps. Not sure.)
Ah, yes. I have decided last minute that I will be doing this. Getting the supplies today. :P I might have to get the cats to model them.
fungus amungus (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
Oh man, that'll be hilarious. You could always use a mannequin or a male friend for laughs.
Or maybe bi-color ones, and have a timer turn them from blue to red LOL
zachninme9 years ago


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