New Speed Contest Up Now

UPDATE: The contest has launched! It's a Pie Contest. If you select all the text in this forum post you'll see the hint.

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linuxmom9 years ago
gasp....GASP...LinuxH4x0r still isn't around to help....I need some hints!!
Yum! Darn, I wish it was longer. I think I'll have to pass, it'll take days to upload pictures on dial up. 3.1415926
Hmmm...but which pie should I feature! Your pi should have been longer.
Make the blueberry one!
Lucky duck, you get to eat it!
No, sadly it will be gone by the time I get back. To bad they don't use the oven here (its gas, and they use it to store pots in). I would have had as many cherries as I wanted a month ago from my aunt's orchard..... or my raspberries *tear*
My friend's grandma puts pans and cookie sheets in the oven. Once we were making something to eat, cupcakes I think, and we had the oven all preheated and stuff and we opened the oven to put the cupcakes in and there was a bunch of pans in it! So we had to take them all out. I think once we had to store sunblock and stuff in a barbeque...
Made it , published it........and pretty darned delicious!
Perhaps peach.............Mmmmmmmm.
Pie is so much better than cake!
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