New Speed Contest Coming Tomorrow

New speed contest to be announced tomorrow. Hint: You don't need a hint.

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tech-king9 years ago
we already answered that on your how to build a coil gun thread.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
correct me if I'm wrong: The nail head makes the magnetic flux no act upon the nail as well. Something to do with pointy shapes?
thats one of the three reasons: 1) the head of the nail causes bad contact between the nail and the barrel, causing loss of power and pad aerodynamics 2)the head of the nail keeps the point aimed down, causing accuracy problems 3) the point of the nail adds mass without adding power. its like you build a 3 engined rocket, but can only afford fuel for 2 engins. on takeoff, you have 3 engins, but only 2 are working. youd have to cut off the head and point to make it work.
Doctor What9 years ago
I hope it involves nails.
Bran9 years ago
Alright, just making sure. Plus, you can calculate anything with Google.
Bran9 years ago
Just type: (insert number here) m/s to fps in Google.
Kiteman9 years ago
Dammit! I'm going away in a few hours - does this mean I have to give another idea away?
Bran Kiteman9 years ago
Sure, I could use some ideas....;-)
Neato! Now that all my school projects are done, I might be able to actually do this one!
... what state do you live in? My school just finished a bunch of projects today...
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