New Sport!! Combine Golf with Archery!

I have an idea for a new sport. If you combine golf with archery, you'd get Golfery! The concept is simple with only some minor modifications. Arrowheads now have a golf ball or ping-pong ball for a head. To get a hole in one, the player must hit the flagpole in the pocket. There are (3) 1 foot wide rings concentrically spaced around the flagpole. Inner ring = 1 stroke, middle = 2 strokes, outer = 3 strokes. If the arrow lands outside of the outer ring, the player must pick up the arrow and gently toss it underhand towards the pocket. Other than that, the standard rules of golf are followed.

I don't have the equipment to test out my ideas. If someone here would try it out and PM me with the results and any suggestions that would be great.

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Ha, I thought this said "combine golf with anarchy" and got a very worrisome mental image of people throwing balls and tees at one another and using the clubs as weapons...
when i read it I though you would get to shoot golfers with arrows...
I kid you not, ths came straight off a google search ...
Thergox Kiteman5 years ago
*Jaw drop*
gteune5 years ago
How about using this?
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javajunkie1976 (author)  gteune5 years ago
Brilliant!! How well does it work?
Exactly like ordinary golf. But you dont hit the ball with a club, but you shoot it on the arrow with a bow..
As target-holes we used small baskets laid out over the holes of the course.
I haven't tried it yet for "Golfry", yet, but it goes, on a level shot, about 20 yards and then drops like a rock. :-) I have shot it out to about 40 yards and it flys well. Really, it's just something I made, beacuse I could, and I always wanted one. :-)
Orngrimm4 years ago
Not really new... I did that as a funevent in my first year of archery, now 14 years back...
And the club (Switzerland, Bern) i was in at the time didnt made this the first time.
I can ask when they did it the first time if you want...
Kiteman5 years ago
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