New Theory For A Pump Action Gun

The black is the gun body, the red is the ramrod, the yellow is the pump, the green are the wheels, the blue could be either string or fishing line. Theoreticly i think that this gun can hold as much power as you can pump if you use high quality fishing line and you have built a strong gun body. I think that this could be a very powerful shotgun if built right. i myself have tried to do this many times through but have never sucseded. I would like to see someone give a shot at this one. I looked around extinsivly and could find no gun like this. I give a thousand congrates to whoever sucsedes in building this. Also if someone does happen to build it I would like partial credit and instructions. I would like to thank all of you for taking you time to read this through.

Picture of New Theory For A Pump Action Gun
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TheDunkis5 years ago
This is sadly one of those concepts that are so old that we just stopped talking about them and moved on. It's something we want to avoid, having to use materials that aren't K'nex or elastics. Sorry.
TheAwesomestDude (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
just noticed this but how is it old, i just came up with it
Bud, other people have come up with this idea long, long ago. I can't think if there's any particular example of a gun that uses this, but it's something that I thought of as a K'nex newb, and I knew others had already thought of it before me.
TheAwesomestDude (author)  TheDunkis4 years ago
TheAwesomestDude (author) 5 years ago
never new all that... ok
knexguy5 years ago
This was done in January 2007. Seriously, it was one of the first concepts explored. Look up Mepain's Shifle. Nothing new about it.
didexo knexguy5 years ago
Nooooooooot new at all