New Thing-a-Day Febuary

I'm aiming to try to do one new thing each day in the month of February, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to do, because I'm in a January slump. Any one have ideas? I'm so far at zero so anything helps! :)

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shadowfeet (author) 4 years ago
Thanks so much! All of you! Your suggestions have really helped!

If anyone's interested here's my finished list, to be done in no specific order, so I can choose one each day!
1- Watch a Star Wars Movie
2-Take SAT
3-Learn Alphabet in another language
4-Write/Parody a song and upload it to Youtube
5-Go to National Zoo/Stare at Clouds. (Just in case the Zoo doesn't happen.)
6-Make Pretzels.
7- Make a Quilt (This will probably be like day 28, and I'll have to work on it all month)
8-Photoshoot at State Park.
9-Learn to make paper airplanes that actually work.
10- Write a letter that is not a birthday or christmas card by hand and mail it.
11-Make and embroider a hankercheif
12-Learn to count to 10 in another language.
13- Make Pavlova
14-Learn to use a weed-whacker
15-Watch the Hobbit
16-Launch a Rocket
17-Send a Message in a bottle
18- Experiment with Chemistry Set.
19-Make a Bonfire
20-Make Bread
21- Go on a Picnic, complete with blanket and basket.
22- Make a chain of Paper People
23-Listen to only classical music for a whole day
24- Make Pie
25-Drive at somewhere by myself. (I just got my license)
26-Spin around at night and shine a flashlight in my face.
27- Use telescope to find constellations.
28- Make a origami paper crane.

Thanks again for all your help and inspiration!! : )
sunshiine4 years ago
I posted this on another page by accident but wanted to say I think a lot of us have slumps in January and February. I made a list with this in mind. I hope you have a great February filled with pleasant surprises. Keep in mind Spring is just around the bend!
February 2013
1. Watch Star Wars
2. Read something inspirational.
3. Write lyrics to a song.
4. Discover something new in nature.
5. Watch a comedy.
6. Knit something small like a heart, slippers, change purse. Think SPRING
7. Cook something you have never made before.
8. Some sort of charity work.
9. Plant something that will grow a carrot, bean, bulb, seed (watch it grow, spring is just around the corner)
10. Wash dishes by hand (therapeutic)
11. Smile all day (this one is hard)
12. Rise early and go for a walk.
13. Spend a day reflecting on your future and how you plan to achieve your dream.
14.. Make a Valentines
15. Run in a field.
16. Sing!!!!
17. Re-use something.
18. Talk to an animal. You can tell them anything and it will be a secret.
19. Use a free coupon.
20. Weed a garden.
21. Finish something you have put off for a while. It will give you a feeling of accomplishment.
22. Play tennis even if it is cold!
23. Write a letter and send it snail mail.
24.Learn and use a new word.
25.Do not use the computer for 1 day.
26.Look at the stars.
27. Thank your mom,dad, brother, friend, whoever . . . . for a day.
28.Do something creative.
March 2013 -
Do something new everyday for the rest of your life!
Kiteman4 years ago
Do, or make?
shadowfeet (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Either, actually. As long as it's inexpensive, preferably free.. so unfortuneatly sky diving is off the list. Cooking, crafting, movies, well anything. I think number one will be watching a star wars movie, because strangely enough I never have.
You've never watched a Star Wars movie???

That is definitely number one!

Try new skills, like origami, climb a new hill, swim or boat in a new lake.

Visit every postal district of your town.

Make a speech.

Write a letter by hand to a movie special effects designer (I bet they never get fan mail).

Call random people in the phone book until you manage to strike up a conversation.

Throw paper planes off a high building.
shadowfeet (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Hmm.. well.. the last two seem dangerous or illegal.. maybe both. But the others are pretty awesome!! Thanks for your great input!
Talking to strangers has never been illegal, as long as you don't harass them, and the worst the latter would be is littering.
shadowfeet (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Caitlinsdad is right. And what about the sharp noses on those planes? What if they hit someone's head??
Not all planes have sharp noses:
not if you used scrap paper from some extreme militant propaganda printing run or Autodesk manuals...
Hey, I haven't either (nor LoTR, Harry Potter, etc). :P I keep meaning to get around to it, but am rather apathetic about the idea...
shadowfeet (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
Seriously? No LoTR? I thought everyone in the world had seen LoTR.. well that's an exaggeration. But I haven't seen/read most of Potter/Twillight/Hunger Games.. all the teen crazes, and I'm sure my friends all think I'm weird.
I can take or leave Potter, and whilst the LotR films are impressive, I still prefer the version in my head when I read them (the first time was over 30 years ago!).

LotR was a heavy lump in my school bag as a child (I read them in one volume), which makes me appreciate my Kindle more.
Last five items might garner an invitation to the "no-fly" list.
Judging from the bio, learn or sing a new song each day, make a new recipe each day, but also record each event with a photo or video so you can do a slideshow or movie compilation at the end. Take a photo of the same scene each day and do a long term time lapse. Start a blog with a rant a day. Hammer at a big rock each day to see when it breaks.......etc,etc.
shadowfeet (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Thanks so much Caitlin's Dad, I never would have thought to document each day. That will help me stay motivated! (I love the hammering a rock one! :)