New Things to Mod

Now there is an instructable on how to do this. Here it is.
Well, I was thinking that there's always something to mod. There's always a new craze, like flash drives, camera lenses, anything. But I'm pretty sure this is new: custom matchbox cars. The ones below are a few examples. You can spray paint them and then do touch-ups with acrylics. For more advanced modders, you could try to integrate shocks and stuff. I will post an instructable on this if you want.

I think that modding is a necessary part of instructables and we always need more ideas.

Picture of New Things to Mod
Goodhart9 years ago
Yeah, I thought I remembered seeing something like this, but it wasn't Matchbox cars, but rather, the HotWheels cars
galenorama9 years ago
That's sweet (making one now) COuld you post an instructable on how to make one?
ultrauber (author)  galenorama9 years ago
did it. here ya go...
Customize Your Matchbox Cars
cool!9 years ago
cool! I might try this, Max