New Transformers

I though I'd share my new buddies.

Picture of New Transformers
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ajleece9 years ago
awesome. could you perhaps post it transformed in car mode?
Mepain (author)  ajleece9 years ago
Here are pictures of the 2 of them. Neither one is quite finished, and the second one's alt. mode is quite, well, blah. Both have progressed from these old pictures though.
Riley009.jpglolformer 001.jpg

Fantastic, like it.

ajleece Mepain9 years ago
you are very good. do you make it yourself or to you get help from somewhere like instructables
Mepain (author)  ajleece9 years ago
Pile of LEGO bricks + me = this stuff.

It just happens.
yeah wee can see that
DJ Radio Mepain9 years ago
hey mepain, I wanna give you all my legos in exchange for an equal value of knex. I need more knex, and you have better lego skillz than me.
good idea
I have a crapload of legos. I even have super rare and super old parts!
just buy bakenbitz's m16 Kit on KI 30 bucks and TONS of peices. free shipping too
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