New True Semi Auto

this is my new true semi auto. it shoots little green knex rod. yes it is the second on the site but this one is for beginners. it doesn't use many pieces and is easy to use... it has a few mis firing problems which i hope to clear up before i post instructions.

Picture of New True Semi Auto
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gunmanx10 years ago
i know wat odalumpus is sayin this is like loading 2 guns it doesent matter if u load if for 300 years this has pre loading so it isnt semi auto for this to b semi auto put bullets in the clip put it in the gun pull the bolt back onces and each time u pull the trigger the bolt goes back and hits the bullet :)
Here is Wikipedia's Description of something being Semi-Automatic:

A semi-automatic pistol functions by using the energy from the recoil of a single round of ammunition to extract and eject a fired cartridge from the pistol's chamber and load an unfired round from a magazine into the chamber for the next shot.

Therefore it is impossible to have a true semi-automatic K'nex Weapon. The closest we can get would be the equivalent of strapping multiple guns together. If this is semi-automatic, then a double barreled shotgun must also be considered Semi-automatic.
bedbugg29 years ago
i like these semi autos
oodalumps10 years ago
-_- still not really a semi-auto.
iKill (author)  oodalumps10 years ago
ya it really is... you dont have to cock it... just pull the trigger
oodalumps iKill10 years ago
After a lot of preloading.
iKill (author)  oodalumps10 years ago
well you have to load bullets into an ak47 clip and that takes a while
oodalumps iKill10 years ago
Well whatever. Like I said in the other instructable, it performs like one after a lot of preloading; so it's close enough.
Easy Button10 years ago
can you post this (i can probaly make from the pics though)
Anyone could make it from this pic lol.
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