New Uber Chatroom! (portal for acessing the regular chatroom, more features!)

Hi all,

If you remember, i once made a 'super sized' version of the chatroom, but, when the updated mod controlled room was put in place, the link was severed..

UNTIL NOW! (click here to enjoy chatroom goodness)
one quiet day at work, and a slash of creativity, and the new chatroom was born.

New features compared to the normal chatroom are..
  • Wider, bigger chatroom
  • Built in up to date Mod list
  • Built in 'profile' frame, so you can access your ibles account while in the chatroom

Be sure to check it out, feel free to use it, and most importantly, suggest ways to improve it!

Thanks to Do_Not_Turn_Off_The_Power whom happened to be in the chatroom when i was building it, and helped me with a few mistakes.


gmjhowe - your faithful chatroom mod

Picture of New Uber Chatroom! (portal for acessing the regular chatroom, more features!)
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I went in there just a moment ago, was warned 3 times before I said anything, and was muted after about 10 secods, shortly after asking what was going on. This makes me unhappy :-(
I figured out a workaround to mutings.
gmjhowe (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
That problem has been neutralized.
Thank you kindly sir!
Goodhart8 years ago
I keep losing the link :-) at work (I am at home now) I can't bookmark it...
bumpus8 years ago
I do believe I rank higher than Adrian..
DJ Radio bumpus8 years ago
no, I rank you lower than Keith........
bumpus DJ Radio8 years ago
Honestly, shut up.
DJ Radio bumpus8 years ago
random..... but still, I have a right to talk.....
bumpus DJ Radio8 years ago
You should respect me, I have authority over you. Besides the back-up of more than half of the community.
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