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**....nevermind. I just found out its a 30 day trial and once it ends I have to pay to keep my website. Stupid false advertising -.-**

Hey everyone, I just managed to make my own website! It features all of my completed projects as well as upcoming project "prototypes" and ideas. If anyone would like to subscribe please click here. And there's no need to worry about my emails taking up all your time, as I will only be releasing them every other month. However, my website will allow a much more well organized way to display all of my completed projects as well as ideas I have, so please take a look and subscribe. :)

*note* I will still be using Instructables for the complete instructions and I even have a link from my website to Instructables, so if you decide to subscribe to my newsletter you should also subscribe to me here.

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lemonie6 years ago
This is where I will put all of my completed projects. So far, I have none. Enjoy :)

Tell us  about it when you have some content in there.

Electroinnovation (author)  lemonie6 years ago
lol yeah I am planning on adding something within a week but I just wanted to get the word out early anyway.

Yea, but the word is "remember to look back later because there might be something there". I know that I won't.
It's best to have something to start with.

Electroinnovation (author)  lemonie6 years ago
That's true however I just realized I need to pay per month to keep the website, which I'm not going to do. I originally thought I could keep the website forever and not have access to all the features, but it turns out the website just dissapears if I dont pay...

Yes that's a pain. Are you thinking of moving it somewhere else then?

Cool, I'd suggest a font change and more content... Not sure about the navigation but it does work.

Why do you use plural tenses? Contact us, we etc.

Are you trying to give the impression of being a company or group?

My wee site:
Well I am still working on it and thanks for the advice :) and all of the plural was just the default...but I will change it.
Oh I was just wondering because some people do that on their website etc.

Hopefully it all goes well...
So far it is and I added one of my old projects to the website so that will most likely be the format for all of the projects to follow...
Ah I went with transcribing the entire instruction and images, takes some time... By the way if you make the link target blank it'll open in a new tab rather than go away from your site...
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