New Weekend or one day Instructables. (aimed at instructables staff.)

Consider this, you're a student with very little spare time and you get a day off, what can you do? Search for an instructable all day? NO!
If there was a folder of instructables in every genre, full of one or two day projects it would be great for people like me who want to do something productive or helpful in a short amount of time. For example you go into the Technology genre, but you don't have time to make a super complicated ipod dock, so you hit the one day folder and POW! Quick, easy and super fast one day instructables. I'm sure many agree with this idea and the concept behind it is fairly simple and undemanding.

Please take into account. All the best. l3owzaaaah.

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Well the guides feature could be used to serve up lots of quick projects from a certain category very easily...

You could get a few others together in a group and call it one day instructables then add the one day 'ibles in to it.

Either one is easy done.
Or maybe a "time required" slider could be added to the "difficulty" and "cost" sliders, and then they are added to the options by which lists can be sorted?

canida Kiteman6 years ago
But nobody uses those sliders! Alas.

I like the idea of guides full of targeted-duration projects. I'll pass it along to the editors.
Kiteman canida6 years ago
IMO, the sliders are unused because they do not feed into search options.

Add the option of ranking by cost, ease, time etc, and the sliders will become better-utilised.

(And it might be wise to add some sort of label to them to that effect as well.)

That would be good, maybe even just a drop down box, >1hr, 1-2hr, 2-5hr, 1 day, a week and so on...
but time is relative...depending on one's skillset, availability of tools, proficiency with said tools, technical assistance, availability of materials, difficulty of sourcing materials...
Ah true, maybe a slider would be a better option - though sorting by difficulty must show more short ones first...
I don't see the Cost and Difficulty rating shown for each ible. Is that even used? During publishing how many just leave that setting on default?
Fair point - I've always done them, just in case they become relevant but so far...
Same here - I always set them, in the hope they will one day become something by which projects can be sorted.

(I think the drop-down box is better for the time, to make it easier to select - even though, as Caitlinsdad says, time is relevant depending upon skills, most folk know their own skill level and apply personal modifiers.)
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