New Wool Stainless Steel Yarn from Lion Brand

Our friends from Lion Brand just sent us some of their new Wool Stainless Steel yarn in shimmery black and gray. Now we need to come up with some great projects to show it off!

Here's the what-what:
75% Wool
25% Stainless
Semi-conductive (offers a lot of resistance)
Size 0 needles, lace weight

We want to wow them with what we can come up with to use this delicate, ethereal fiber.

What would you do with it?

Post your ideas, pictures or patterns and we'll get to work!

Picture of New Wool Stainless Steel Yarn from Lion Brand
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headspider8 years ago
Habu Textiles has a similar product made from silk and stainless steel They have some very interesting knit pieces that you can scrunch because of the metal content.

With the wool content in the Lion Brand yarn, I'm really interested to see what would happen if it's felted...
Kiteman8 years ago
Has anybody actually made anything from this yarn yet?
scoochmaroo (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Lion brand has come up with a couple suggestions for a knitted scarf and a crocheted necklace.
But I haven't been able to come up with much else. It's extremely fine yarn, which is a bit frustrating for me. It seems like the best use of it is to add to another yarn to help whatever you're making keep its shape.
Too bad the yarn is not flame retardant, one could make a self-warming sweater the eats batteries :-)
zmarlow8 years ago
Make a haptic (touch communication) interface for a shirt. Hook it up to things like gps for walking, driving, biking instruction. something similar has already been patented actually, complete with bluetooth to cell compatability.

Some kids at my school, ECIAD in Vancouver BC, made a shirt which uses haptics to transmit information to deaf people through touch, so they can feel when noises are happening behind them.

Electrical garmentry rocks. Check in on Marcelo Coelho for inspiration.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
They need to come up with a silver-based metal thread. It has anti-microbial properties so theoretically you can knit a shirt and wear it...well, forever without washing if desired. Or we need some nomex-aramid fiber wool for fireproof garments or kevlar/carbon fiber wool for protective garments against weapons. This stainless stuff must be the new urban style lame. New postal worker uniforms to be dog-bite proof?
They've got that! I'm working with Leach Buechley at the Media Lab now - we get to play with all sorts of conductive threads! (She's even got some purely foil threads that are really conductive!) 'fraid I don't know much about the non-conductive stuff. Although, I doubt a kevlar/carbon fiber jacket (or any of those other fibers in clothing form) would be comfortable at all. Kevlar's really stiff, carbon fiber would shed like none-other, nomex-aramid might work though - that's the spider silk mimicking stuff, right?
Just put a layer of polyester fleece and gortex under everything and you're good to go. btw How are you doing anyway? At MIT?
Haha - fair enough.

I'm alright! I learned a lot 1st semester, and I'm ready to start 2nd semester Feb. 3rd! I'm taking Intro to electrical engineering & computer science, differential equations, linear algebra, toy product design lab (oh man, cotton candy gun, here I com!), and..... get this.... the philosophy of brain science. SO ready for circular logic.

I'm a bit burnt out from January (IAP - independent activities period). I've been working with Leah Buechley on lilypad-related things, expanding onto different media, etc. Made a conductive ink paintbrush (embedded with a reservoir) and crocheted a purple hat with a lilypad on it!

Also working with Jay Silver on drawdio-related things. Trying to make sound an input and color the output (singing into your art sort of thing).

I've been so far away from instructables, I really want to get back! (it seems so busy nowadays, though! It's crazy!) So many new features and stuff, I'm impressed with what they did to the place :-p

I should be posting some stuff soon. We'll see what happens, though!

How'r you?
Same old, hijack a few threads here and there, pun skirmishes with Goodhart every once in a while, usual fun. Check out my contest winner "glove" ible, inspiration came from Ms. Buechley's turn signal jacket. I guess conductive paint should have some properties like powder coat pigments for baked on paints and you could spray areas that are charged. Anyway, make sure your brain doesn't get too toasty and crispy around the edges. Continued good luck.
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