New Years 08: How We Could Theoretically "Discover" Time Travel/ers

Well that forum on time travel got me thinking...

How We Could "Discover" Time Travel
Write down, carve on stone, burn into our memory, tatoo on my back, or something, that if/when time travel comes into exsistence, someone needs to travel back in time to a specific time and date in our near future (Instructables Control Tower, New Years 2008 would be a good time/place). If everyone were to record this, eventually someone/s might do so, meaning that a time traveler might turn up at Instructables HQ on New Year's. I personally intend to attempt to do so, or at least get my future kids to:)
Anyways, if a good number of people do exactly this, there might be quite a congregation at Instructables on New Year's. Or of course, no one might turn up at all...

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KentsOkay (author) 10 years ago


I have no idea.....that was almost 3 years ago
KentsOkay (author) 10 years ago
Keep an eye out for a dweeby looking guy (hopefully with a hot chick) calling himself RocketScienitst2015 hanging around Instructables HQ for the next couple of days...
If time travel is practical in my lifetime, I'll be that dweeby guy =]

Do get a picture of me/him, I wanna know how bad I look when I get older...
KentsOkay (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
Man, now Ireally got be there, Canida's giving me a cookie!
chaoscampbell10 years ago
in order for there to be time travel wouldn't that require us to be illogically dublicated infinte times over to make it so that we or that time to still exists in time. So, although time travel in itself presents many faults if it were to be a posability ever wouldn't it be more logical to assume that it would be more like......say.....rewinding a video..... everything would back up.... plants, animals humans and everything else would devolve/grow in reverse or ungrow into its originality or non existance? like say you wanted to time travel back to your birth (not sure why, but I think it makes what I'm saying clear) wouldn't it be more logical that everything including yourself would revert back to that momment...... meaning as you went back to that time you would devolve, to the point you were the baby being birthed. so say you time traveled to 3 months before the creation of time would be the same person you were 3 months prior and have to live it again from that point (because time travel isn't invented yet and since you reverted back you have to live again until it is) and the same for going into the future, nothing has happened yet so everything developed by man would be exactly the same as the momment you went forward but you and all other living things would age forward to that point, but since you accelerated through a non existing time anything that would be moved foward by the act of man would stay the same until you stopped time travel and started living and physically changing the things changed by man? does that make sence?
KentsOkay (author)  chaoscampbell10 years ago
Yah it does actually, though I've always looked at it differently...
you know what??....... maybe someone has invented time going off that idea....... maybe that explains the feeling of deja vu ............ someone went back in time when they figured it out and now we are all living again and don't even know it. wouldn't that be weird??
There is actually a few "conditions' brain-wise that create that feeling. One of them is called "false memories" :-)
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