New Years Ball

I don't know if you heard, but the ball that drops in Times Square every new year was energy efficient this year. It was twice as bright, but only used as much power as ten toasters. How do you think they did it? I'm thinking all LEDs. It was a neat thing for them to do, regardless.

The following picture is from the Associated Press

UPDATE: T3h_Muffinator looked it up on wikipedia. They switched to LEDs this year. Link

Picture of New Years Ball
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westfw10 years ago
There's actually a fair amount of detail here: New Years Eve Ball and the linked videos. 9500 Luxeon LEDs shining through 672 triangles of waterford crystal.
westfw10 years ago
> but only used as much power as ten toasters.

"only" ? What's that, about 10,000W? 2000A at 5V ?!

It looks nicely modular and geodesic, though; good for recreation. Does anyone know the technical details? Are those individual triangles fixed-colors or programmable, for instance?
acer7310 years ago
I saw the ball drop in time square this year and TV does a good job of making it look HUGE. I reality its maybe only 15 feet in diamerter
Weissensteinburg (author)  acer7310 years ago
Where do you get your information from? Wikipedia says it's 6 feet in diameter, which is still pretty darn large by my standards!
By looking at it, I was in Time Square when it dropped, no wounder why it was so small. Maybe it should be 15 feet for all the people watching it on New Years.
canida10 years ago
The first time I actually saw the ball drop on TV I was horribly disappointed. It just goes so slowly!

I had always pictured it falling under the force of gravity and exploding at the bottom. That would be much more exciting.
Now that sounds like an awesome new year's instructable :) Looks like I've got 361 days to get on that :)
That is very true, because when I was younger, I always though it would explode and the glass would be everywhere, then that would be really cool. Unfortunately, they have to go with the safe method. :'(
Odd... when I was a kid I thought a ball literally fell from the skies. Something like a meteor hitting the earth at 12 AM every year on the 1st. That would be awesome, but then you don't get to watch the pretty colors for very long... I propose a new ball! - Perhaps a muffin ball ;)
Brennn10 canida10 years ago
That would kick off the New Year, just right!
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