New ball alternator

Hey I was thinking about having a new ball alternator well at least a idea. I made a model on this knex modeling thing. Well how It SHOULD work is that it is encased in a cage where the ball falls down and a motor will be turning the fan like things. Underneath the fan there might be 1-4 ball path. The fan will move and thus it will make the ball fall randomly in one of the 4 paths. I'm running out of pieces and I don't want to take apart my ball machine that i'm making so you guys can try to make this is you want. It might also be hard to see the yellow rod behind the red one.

Picture of New ball alternator
rexdino5 (author) 8 years ago
DO...NOT...REPLY...TO...YOUR...OWN...POST................ It is people like you who want to make me delete my entire bloody ibles account.
jollex8 years ago
Something like this has already been made.
rexdino5 (author)  jollex8 years ago
my bad