New ball machine and more

My 4th ball machine. 2 lifts, 6 paths. I also re-sorted my knex and organized them into new drawers. Oh and my cat.

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bumboozer7 years ago
This topic is more than a year old, do you really think he still has this?
rustymia7 years ago
 nice and you have a lot of knex i barely have enough to make project FREEFALL
nice love the music as well
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Hmm, i didnt see any yellow rods in any of the drawers.
Storm9508 years ago
Also, your shell gun looks sweeter than ever. Are you still posting? Oh, and I never sort my Knex out because putting it all back away again is a huge pain!
bakenbitz (author)  Storm9508 years ago
Yes eventually. I'm still working on the trigger.
Spider massacre trigger as somebody reccomended on KI. Use IaC's version of it though, works a charm, everytime!
bakenbitz (author)  Storm9508 years ago
Block has to go down, not up.
Please can you post some more pics of your latest version? I want to build and help you out with a trigger.
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