New bathroom signs at the office

Woohoo! We now have new signs for our bathrooms. Now people will know exactly what to do when they see them.

Both of these were cut with the Epilog laser cutter. The first sign has foamcore cutouts on top of black acrylic. The second one is white acrylic with black sprapyaint applied on top.

Picture of New bathroom signs at the office
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lemonie7 years ago
Lemme just patch you up with some hot resin. 
Must have... these... cake signs!

Or would the cakesign be a lie? I know the cakeroom is...
it leads to a room with a huge fire pit in it. you have to use the portal gun to get to higher ground before the platform you're standing on goes in to it. then the robot hanging from the ceiling gets angry at you.

once you've escaped the robot's neurotoxin vents  you realize there really was a cake room... but it was through a bunch of tunnels that you couldn't access anyway.
and there was a weighted box with hearts on it beside the cake... and a bunch of robot eyes.... and then the robot started singing.
then make a left, theres the restroom
Agreed, but I think they are not roboteyes but rather bombs.

Ever saw the bombs the helicopter drops in half life 2 and half life episode 2? They are grey with a red blinking light when they're about to explode. And seeing that half life and portal are in the same universe (half life 2 episode 2 gave a pretty big hint to what you are going to do in episode 3 and even portal referenced the combine) we could safely assume that they are one in the same.

A morbid joke from G.L.A.D.O.S. perhaps: If you reach the cake against all odds you will still end up dead.

But when you're dead, I'll be still alive... still alive!
nice theory. it's possible, and would add ot the dark humour in the game.
 portal has a really messed up plot...
Why are there so many doors?
fungus amungus (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
We like to have options.

That and our bathrooms are pretty narrow.
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