New blog covers clumsy hacks

There are elegant fixes and there are the not-so-elegant fixes. A new blog called There I Fixed It covers the latter with some creative and largely dubious solutions to problems. Check out the link for more, but I did enjoy this one which makes a spoon out of a zip tie and some duct tape.

There I Fixed It

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mcshawnboy8 years ago
As a trucker often I find I chucked my last fast food cutlery & wanted to eat accurate or cottage cheese & found the foil lid folded is an effective conveyance. Plastic lids held like a distorted taco work too.
Tonyisme8 years ago
lol not a Nobel Prize winner but as far as a clumsy hack go top marks-though I doubt I'll be using that one in the near future lol
I remember failblog linking to it. I find it quite hackarific with a touch of FAIL.
Because it's made by the same people.
luckeycat8 years ago
lol, now spoons are affordable, lol
They were always affordable assuming you stole them from McDonald's...
crapflinger8 years ago
the spoon thing is pretty awesome...and completely devoid of fail...if you've got a bowl of cereal and all you've got is a ziptie and duct tape...well then you're good to go
fungus amungus (author)  crapflinger8 years ago
Considering how bad the duct tape smells, I give that one points for creativity, but would never use it to eat with. If there was no spoon, I'd just put the bowl to my lips and eat it that way.
lol, yea your never going to need to make a spoon if you didnt have one
what if you're confronted by a group of cannibals in the jungles of Borneo...and they tell you that you can either eat your traveling partner's brains and live or he can eat your brains and he lives....but you don't have a spoon...and your acute knowledge of the strict codes of etiquette that the cannibals of Borneo adhere to tells you that they're not too big on brains as finger food...... then what? eh? you better hope you've got a zip tie and some tape thats what!
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