New bug from bugfix release? No author info box on forum topics or Questions

I notice that on forum topics and Questions (both new and old), the author information box is missing.  It's still present on Instructables pages.  I presume this is a bug introduced with today's bug fix rollout (and thanks to Rachel for that fix!).

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kelseymh (author) 7 years ago
This appears to be fixed, as of 3:00 pm Friday 23 July 2010.
Thanks...we're on it.
kelseymh (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago
Welcome back :-)
keke...thanks, took a mini vacation (and the internet was sparse).
Kryptonite7 years ago
And the gap between where the "Comment" button and where the comment box goes is huge! :D
And when you hit cancel it disappears, crazy
Mine doesn't.