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I have this new Ati all in wonder card right? And it has two tuners built into it, one is supposed to be for TV which is what I have it hooked up to right now, and the other for FM radio which I haven't tried yet. But is there a good chance that they are both regular tuners and I could use them for dual recording?

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Goodhart9 years ago
This is for connection to "cable"? I would think each would have to be tuned to a frequency range specifically
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Yes this is supposed to be for use with cable TV/Antenna (I'm not sure how much you would get out of spending $300-400 on one of these cards, then connecting an antenna to it, as it does mention you can do in the manual). If they're tuned, could I change that? I noticed there was a small Adj. pot in clear view from the tuner itself on the card, there's a hole in the metal sheilding for the screwdriver. Should I try playing with it or just leave well enough alone? Hey I'm just a curious bastard what can I say.
Yeah there should be several ways to alter the tuning, but without a schematic or specs, it would be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. And you could throw off it's original function altogether. This can happen even if you mark where each "pot" is set to before changing. Some of them are sensitive enough that they plop a bit of wax or glue (or paint) over them to keep them from vibrating to another setting.
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
OH so not a good idear then. And as far as schematics, that alone would be like finding a needle in said haystack. Just finding out what the core speed of these particular cards was hard to find online, it just doesn't seem to be documented very well at all. Thanks for the help Goodhart, what'd I do without ya?
Well, you may be better at "fooling around with stuff" them I but I have had enough "expensive equipment" cease working from fiddling with it than I care to remember. I didn't mean to come off telling you "what" to do, just a little warning as to how it all worked out (or in my case, didn't work out) most times :-) What would you do without me? Someone else would come along and eventually give you an answer (sometimes I wonder if I am not stepping on the toes of the ones that have been here for a time *sigh*).
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Well no one else has came along yet so I probably would have started changing pots and then end up screwing up the whole card.
i'm here!! maybe you can adjust the pots and change the oscillator chips if there are any, but without schematics its hopeless.
It could be bad enough "with" the schematics |:-)
exactly. without them, i bet a digital cookie it will be a complete disaster.
Punkguyta (author)  tech-king9 years ago
Hey man stereophile shit is done by all sorts of people and sometimes it means modding the internals of your stereo so I can do most of things such as smd soldering (not too well but I can do it) and I have general electronics knowledge of their workings but I just don't know how to mod things too well. Perhaps you could help me out, what about an overclocked dsp in my stereo?
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