New contest this week: BBQ contest

One of the two contests starting this week will be a BBQ contest. Recipes, techniques, and even ways to make your own BBQ will be eligible. So get your thinking caps on and get ready to start making some tasty food. More details and prize information will be coming soon.

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=SMART=8 years ago
Nice, but AAAAAAAWWWWWW its is absolutely APPALLING weather in the uk atm !!
Indoor barbecue? This sounds like how I'll meet my maker, with a burger. Actually The weather on my side of the channels been between horrific and beautiful, which is complicated...
I recently moved into a new apartment with a wood burning fireplace. I'm an avid bbq'er and I remarked to my friends that I was going to place my propane bbq inside the fireplace and cook during the cold winter months. They thought I was joking, I am actually still considering the option.
I've grilled over an open hearth before, but I imagine getting the propane grill to exhaust up the chimney might be tricky...
>plays mental movie of KJ dying in a horrible propane explosion munching on burgers and guzzling beer >almost dies of laughter
It's the charcoal you really have to worry about...
Depends on how you light it BTW I've got a pic of interest to you and your kin, I'l upload it later
Oh definitely do... It's me, dynamite's a firelighter right?
I think it's a flash cooker... What's BBQ without BEVERAGES?????
All kinds of epic! Oh that reminds me, still finishing up creative ways to drink a beer...
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