New default 'post to facebook' in topics is frustrating

Greetings --

As you may know, I spend most of my instructables time in the answers section.  I'm quite dismayed that I have to uncheck the 'post to facebook also' checkbox every time I answer a question, as I don't want my news feed getting spammed with answers that don't have anything to do with my friends.

I understand ibles trying to generate a little traffic but this is ridonculous.  Yes, it's a cool feature, but make it persistent between pages, when I unclick it, cookie it or better yet, save it to my profile so that it doesn't keep bugging me :)  I want to unlink my facebook 'connect' account because of this.


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canida6 years ago
Noted - I'll file this as a bug.
frollard (author)  canida6 years ago
pdub77 frollard6 years ago
How do I disconnect my instructables account with facebook as well? I don't want everything I comment on to go straight to fb.
blorgggg pdub776 years ago
Bumped, I like the FB login, but i don't want every single comment of mine going straight there (like this one probably). Where can i change this setting?
frollard (author)  pdub776 years ago
IN fb you can revoke ibles as an accepted application - but you can't use ibles fb connect login feature in the meantime then.