New firing methods

post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

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hippojoe10 years ago
I have been thinking this too. Maybe you could have 2 rubber bands one on each side so that one will power it and the other would pull it back like a spring but that would kill a lot of power an each shot would get progressively weaker each time that it fires. you would need a clip though. I haven't tried it yet.
Professor Tor Coolguy (author)  hippojoe10 years ago
i havnt had time. but that method would probably cancel the other rubber band out.
true, maybe you could use a spring.I'll probable try it this weekend. I'll tell you the results.
Professor Tor Coolguy (author)  hippojoe9 years ago
Sounds coool. Sorry it took so long, I've been having some really big login problems. As for the spring, I'm not sure I have any. Oh! I just got a really cool idea that I think I may need to make! How about a compact firing pin system, like that that's used in an airsoft gun? That would allow a magazine, unlike that normal design! But I tried making a magazine once, and I couldn't do it...
Im not really sure qhat you mean by that?
Professor Tor Coolguy (author)  hippojoe9 years ago
What I mean is, to, quite literally, combine the airsoft method, of a slide, catch, and pneumatic firing pin, with that of a crossbow. The rod(projectile) would be loaded into the breach when you pulled back the slide/firing rod, which is guided down a barrel behind it, while at the same time locking on the trigger. Then you pull the trigger and the rest is history.
You mean like a pnuematic knex gun?
Professor Tor Coolguy (author)  hippojoe9 years ago
Kind of. There's two barrels in this design. One guides the "Rammer" and the second one holds the projectile. the space between each of them is the breach. I was just using pneumatic as an example, but Maybe I'm just confusing. I should really just post this...
Is the "rammer" a freely moving projectile or is it fixed like a "firing pin" is on other guns.
Professor Tor Coolguy (author)  hippojoe9 years ago
It's like a firing pin, but since there is no actual cartridge, it's called a rammer. I believe it's called a piston, or a cylinder in a pneumatic pistol. It "rams" the projectile forward.
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