New group for jewelry makers

Hi all, I started a group for jewelry makers.

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Edgar11 years ago
Not yet, I've casted Aluminum, but that's another story:

Used a coal burning crucible, with a hairdrier blowing air into it, THAT one I guess can melt Gold, but not as user-friendly as a Paint remover!

As for materials, TEP or MUTR supply Pewter, see the .Pdf carefully and you'll find it.

There's a Jewelry Schol here in Lisbon, since you've liked it, I'll tell them about TEP.

canida11 years ago
Cool! I've done just a bit, but want to learn more.
Edgar11 years ago

has a Pewter casting project

you might be interested in!
kqrpnb (author)  Edgar11 years ago
Wow, what a really simple seeming process. Great find! Do you do this? Can you furnish a list of quality suppliers (tools, materials, and pewter)?