New gun

Hi, I'm Rec0n. And this is my boom stick! :P
Guess what  features my boom stick has!
(The gun is NOT actually named the boom stick)
Credits to Killerk and The Dunkis for Two of the features on this gun.

Picture of New gun
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KnexFreek7 years ago
i really like it!!!!
rec0n (author)  KnexFreek7 years ago
Take off the stock and it looks like the lancer from gears of war
rec0n (author)  muffinslayer27 years ago
lol, all my friends said it looked like a lancer!
are you ever going to possibly post it?
rec0n (author)  muffinslayer27 years ago
probobly not.
knexfan91827 years ago
Lets see there's a pin guide, attachment rails, trigger guard, removable magazines, a mag fed gun under the barrel, and sights.
Wait that's the trigger on the integration.
rec0n (author)  knexfan91827 years ago
its a true trigger. also, itsa grenade launcher, not a magfed gun integration. theres more too!
When you say grenade launcher do mean single shot pistol?
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