New image layout sometimes doesn't display text box

Hi Instructables Debuggers,

I noticed that the new image layout sometimes doesn't display the text boxes. This only appears to occur if there are 3 or more images on one step.

I'm using Chrome on OSX 10.7

Thanks for looking into this!

mikeasaurus5 years ago
Image notes can be seen by a small icon in the top right of any picture that has notes on them (see the bottom right image of this project as an example). this icon means there's a note attached this image, something that was not viewable in our previous version.

We're still testing things out after this release, so you might just see the yellow boxes make a reappearance!

reference here
canucksgirl5 years ago
I seem to recall someone else mentioning this with Chrome. I'm not sure what the status was. (Perhaps the Developers are looking into it?)

If you can temporarily, use an alternate browser to read the text boxes that you are missing.