New immigration law of Arizona

So lately there have been many reports on the news about the new immigration law in Arizona. I do not agree with the new law, and I would like to know what the Instructables community thinks about this new law. 

Here are a few links to what it says-

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flyn2drive7 years ago
I wish the debate would focus on what really matters: keeping the law. The law allows for legal immigration. No one will have a problem with legal immigrants coming into the U.S. The law is Arizona's attempt at that. The Federal government has failed to do their job and has forced the States to take these measures. As an attorney who has looked at these laws, it is especially frustrating to see the Federal government fail to enforce the existing laws we have.

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CrLz7 years ago
My take is Arizona is trying to stimulate immigration debate / reform.

I'm surprised Arizona has the cojones to push this into the national forum, it's not like they are California. Naively, I would have expected Texas to start this.

The Village Voice in NYC recently published "Inside the Brutal World of America's Kidnapping Capital" , which was taken from a series of articles in Phoenix Arizona's newspaper.  Horrifying.

Can't say whether the original articles are pro-bill ~propaganda, but the Voice publication illustrates the ugly reality of danger fellow human people face.

Solutions?  Meaningful discussion is an important start.
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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  What about the law do you not like. The part where they arrest ppl who are here illegally?
.  Any links to the text of the law (instead of some talking head's opinion about what it says)?
The part where the police are specifically empowered to stop and arrest anyone they think might possibly be here illegally.  No probable cause, just what color the person's skin is, what language their speaking, etc.
.  Precisely where does it say "No probable cause"?
.  I see "stop, detention or arrest." I see "where reasonable suspicion exists." But no "without probable cause."
So, how can you develop a "reasonable suspicion" from just looking at somebody?

Well... in Arizona, when you see a person with a large van full of Mexican people with a Mexico license plate, A cop's first thought is if they are legal or not. Why do people see that as racism?
Location has nothing to do with it. What is actually happening is that the officer is looking at somebody and assuming that they are committing a crime based purely on the observation that they look like somebody from another country.

That is exactly the same as not sending aid to the flood victims of Pakistan on the grounds that "Pakistanis support Al Qaeda".
Yes. i undderstand what you mean, but it is police officers job, they are not being racist, they just do there job to protect the rest of us. Please understand this, earlier in 2010 a police officer was shot by an illegal imigrant. Later, 2 more were killed. And then, A man At his ranch was killed.

Just last week an obese woman killed her two children! We should sterilize all fat ladies, because obviously they're all baby killers.

You really have no concept of just how absurd, let alone ignornantly hateful, your argument is, do you?

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