New instructables stats don't work

I noticed Instructables updated the stats with a newer version last night, but it does not work properly right now! Now I can't see where my traffic comes from as the tabs are not working! It keeps loading forever and wont ever show up.

Windows 7 64-bit
Chrome 45.0.2454.101

Steps to reproduce
- Click on the stats icon in your instructable
- go to the other tabs which are not summary.
It will keep loading forever.

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Basp1 year ago

This is still happening for me. Any news?

ohoilett Basp1 year ago

It looks like they moved back to the old method.

Is it not loading for you or is it just not giving you information? I can get all the tabs in stats to load (though some tabs will give me "no data") and I am using a Mac and Google Chrome. What are you using?

I can only see data in the "Summary" tab. All the other ones only show the "bouncing bars" animation. I've tried it on Windows 8.1 in both IE and Chrome.

Hmm, what version of chrome are you using [mine is Version 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit)]? Could you try clearing your cookies and cache and see if that makes any differnece at all?

I get bars loading on any device I use. They just keep loading, and loading and loading, and loading......

Can you use this link to tell me what you are using? Does clearing your cache and cookies help at all?

Win7 pro 64 Chrome version 47.0.2526.106

Anything you pick from the tab menus will display the bouncing bars...

Okay, I actually just found out that we have plans to bring stats back to the way they are before. So you probably won't see an updates with the current stats since they'll be focusing on changing it back.

Any idea on an ETA for the old stats?

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