Pocket Pipe

I was wondering if there was anyone out there that had one of these and could think of an improvised one and make in instructable, because 60$ is alot. I would also like it to be pocket sized, and able to hold ur " anonymous herb" in without leaking.

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tomkkk8 years ago
Get a solid lump of Alluminium shape it to your liking and drill one big hole for the "tobacco" and one long hole along the length of the lump. then light up!
dude get a 2inch dowel a stem hole sized drill bit and a bowl sized drill bit make them meet there you go a pocket pipe+ filter
sugg2210 years ago
sorry to rain on your parade, buddy, but check out the sobepipe instructable, and go down a ways, and you'll see that the solopipe ible is already up in the air. i will probably build one, even though i don't smoke.
pyro13 (author)  sugg2210 years ago
It's ok, i already saw it, i just wanted to start a topic on it so more people see it. And please inform me once you make one! I would like to know how! If not a build in lighter, at least a quality pipe that u can close up like that, and still have it homemade.
sugg22 pyro1310 years ago
what i'm gonna do is take my basic design, but make the bowl a 3/4 sphere, with one quarter missing, and make it rotate, so that it can be filled, lit, and stored with no spillage at all. i have the lighter concept pretty down pat. expect a post sometime really soon.
sugg22 sugg2210 years ago
actually, i did some experimenting, and decided that it won't rotate, as it will then be too large. the lid solution is going to be a thin magnetic strip - its easy to replace, hassle-free, cheap, and customizable. also, any suggestions on how to get the lighter to work and flip out are much appreciated, as my concept is not totally fleshed out.
pyro13 (author)  sugg229 years ago
Hey. you get that pipe up and working?
im working on one im not going to post it but ill tell u how
pyro13 (author)  fireworks9 years ago
oo please do!!
pyro13 (author)  sugg229 years ago
Hey, you figured out how to make that pipe? Havn't heard from you for a while :P
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