New knex guns that are on the way

Here are some of my new guns that will be posted in the near future on KI.

Picture of New knex guns that are on the way
Photo 64.jpg
Photo 60.jpg
Photo 62.jpg
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anres3217 years ago
make an instr. from the p90 !! XD
hi bakenbitz i love that mini gun how many gray two slot connectors are there
bakenbitz (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
A lot.
MI69 years ago
p-90 is ok but theres some already out there and i am about to post my amazing one. Good for if you havent so many pieces though. 18 barrels has been done i think but still quite compact - double it plus a stand to make an ace turret ! I really like that halo smg . Its simple yet innovative with a new mix of techniques and not many pieces . Should be powerful too. I MUST HAVE IT! Interesting .Post it.
F-179 years ago
the 2nd pic is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
daz1089 years ago
i cant find this gun on ki can some1 give me a link
crestind daz1089 years ago
Some of them aren't posted yet.
daz108 crestind9 years ago
the last one the one that sez it is
bakenbitz (author)  daz1089 years ago
It's really not that hard, go to KI then click guns, then go to RFAR.
when i search ki all i gt is a furnature shop
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