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Hello everyone 

I was browsing the web and I found this

It sounds like k'nex is going to make toy blasters that can be taken apart and customized so that you can make you own knex nerf combo.
What do you all think of knex making knex guns that shoot foam darts? is this something that you think is a good move for Knex?

Just wanted to spread the news that i found on the web to see what you all think.

Update here is a link to a website with close up pix and more info



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TheDunkis2 years ago

Getting a closer look at the blasters, my main fear was confirmed, we're essentially adding a frame to the same stock, single shot air chamber. Still, it could be interesting working with these, seeing if we could make our own repeaters by making mechanisms that draw back a new round into the "chamber" after each shot. Anyway, again, my hope is that these blasters lead some newbs into discovering true K'nex launchers.

Yep. I agree with you, hopefully some kids will love the product and find out about TRs and slingshots and replicas and stuff,

I would never buy one of those. I have seen some of em, two layer, horrible handles, and ugly too. I like how they are using cut rods in their guns, but they are not cut if they are produced that way. And forget about shooting 200+ feet. I would take a TR8 any day over one of those.

sonic broom (author)  CorgiCritter2 years ago

But they are bringing back some older colors in those guns. and some other parts that might be useful for making real guns.

True. but the guns are just awful. Only two layer handles, only one of em has any sights, all flimsy (Look at the bow arms on the equalizer!!) and say goodbye to shooting though cardboard and drywall. Some of the lame block triggers on the site look better.

(I had a super long comment, but I accidentally deleted it... rats.)

JonnyBGood3 years ago

I'd hate to say it, those "blasters" look pitiful... I understand building some of the best guns on this site costs maybe about 40$ upward, but no one is going to build a K'nex foam launcher that looks that skeletal.

On that note though, the bow looks pretty good at least.

Also just so no one thinks I'm totally against the idea, I would buy it. (Mainly to mod the heck out of it)

Go for it K'nex

sonic broom (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago

Yes the guns are junk but there might be some useful parts to use for other guns and projects!

Please post pix if you buy one so we can see what all the parts look like.

With pleasure, I will stalk local stores for them.

Well, you gotta remember K'nex is still mostly a kid-friendly toy. It won't be that hard to appeal to someone who has never seen a K'nex projectile launcher. Nor do they have the same experience as those of us who specialize in projectile launchers. That'd be an interesting job, though. Be a designer for the K'nex company making official kits and instructions for quality K'nex "blasters" or whatever.

Anyway, my hope is that people catch on to the idea and think "gee, I'd like to make more blasters, I wonder if there are any more instructions online" and they'll somehow make their way here. Fairly wishful thinking though.

I understand your thought and I also hope those connections are made.

An idea I had now, let's make some K'nex "blasters" that shoot K'nex.... No really let's make and name some K'nex guns blasters so the connection is made easier.

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