New mag design

A new top loading mag WITH an internal pusher. The only other i've seen that has both top loading and an internal pusher is ironman's; but his uses a bendy rod as a pusher. Just let me know what you think and any guns you might make using it. Credit goes to Ironman69 for the top loading idea.

Picture of New mag design
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Sharir17015 years ago
lol and to think i spent so many hours trying to make the perfect mag with the same criteria. i managed to, of course - my SSM, but this one is better, and i never even found it until now.
I don't think I even recall seeing this mag, but separately I developed my BAW magazine just over a month later that didn't require any cut pieces. And then there were a few other magazines like this of course. Yeah, sorry, but you were a little behind the game. >_<
and btw, now i remember why i didn't like it. it was because the bullet was different from the kind i liked. the bullet type was part of my criteria.
Why your bullet? It's very similar to mine except that mine has a white rod to give it something solid to hit. And another similar ammo is to shrink the magazine by one connector and then it'd fit dark greys with white rods. Or it can fit yellow rods which I was hoping to use in a bolt action if I'd ever figure out how to make the removable magazine work with a separate barrel. Well, to each his or her own. We'll use what works for us.
my bullet has a cut piece at the back to give it something solid to hit, and i don't know, i just like my bullet better. anyway, good luck with whatever you're doing.
Well again, mine doesn't need any cut pieces to function in any way. XP But again, to each his or her own.
yup. i still maintain (in my opinion) that mine is better than all the others, including yours, but excluding kinetic's. except for his, which i found just yesterday, i think mine is the best, and that's the reason i even started working on mine - because i found no other good one (once again, in my opinion, and i did see your's. i didn't like it, sorry...).
This owns. I'm using it in my projects, I was too lazy to think up one on my own. >.<
You play with knex again!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dude, do you realize how old that comment is?
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