New mag idea with pictures

ok so i made this knex mag that doesnt have a pusher sticking out pictures below

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maybe make the mag more "open" and then add a rubberband on the inside of the blue hinge? then let the rubberband push it up.
Katarukito (author)  erikos kostarikos8 years ago
i made this months ago ..
DJ Radio9 years ago
i might use it in my next instructable...........but the pusher does not make it auto-load because I had to add a knob that you turn after every shot
use a rubberband on a lever.
that could help, because then the rods are not pushing on the loaded one, making for less friction.
wow. that IS a good idea. unfortunately, it barely makes it out of the barrel.....
Katarukito (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
unless you add some large rubber bands on the knob
haha, the rubberbands wont work. too much friction :-(
MI69 years ago
This could be very useful - ill let you know if i ever use it - great idea!
that is interesting-im gonna have a play with one
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