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I hate what you did to the web page it really sucks.

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Tomdf5 years ago
I miss the featured instructable of the day, wasn't that always on the front page?

And as much as I enjoy the featured authors, it gets stale seeing the same thing right above the fold for a week or more (especially when there is another featured author on the right rail. The front page has lost that "what's cool today?" factor.
Project of the day lives! Hover your mouse over the Explore tab up top
+1 for project of the day... I miss that also.
Tomdf Tomdf5 years ago
I also don't care for the images being mashed up to the top. When explaining something, instructions typically go like this:
Explanation of image/step
Explanation of image/step

But with the images as they are now, we have to work with this format:
Image, image, image, image
Backpedaling explanation of all the images.

I feel that this a highly counter-intuitive way to present instructions, and gives a bit of an upper hand to people who can just write the images into the source code like this floating ornithopther I've put on the
pyager15 years ago
I think this is going to cause you to lose people. A lot of people have to pay for the amount of megs they use, and by making more pages to load in they are not going to go here anymore. I am limited to 5 gigs a month and I will not be using this site anymore.
It's just sad.
weldor5 years ago
what happened to the button that allowed me to see all steps. What about the down load as pdf button as well. I am not thrilled with the changes. functions that made it (imho) fast and easy (for me) seem to be missing. I liked being able to open all stepsat one time and being to QUICKLY scan through to see if tyhe ible was what I wanted.
The view all steps button was replaced with a "See All" button that stays at the top of the Instructable pages (below the project Title). The Download PDF button is right next to the See All button, but its a Pro-Member feature only (and I don't see a Pro marker next to your username).
dear canucksgirl,
thank you for the super fast response time! I wish the IT crew at my work was as fast!
I used the download pdf in the past and was not a pro member then. as a frequent user of this site I do not recall a notice of this change, but that is not to say that I simply did not catch it.
IIRC, members that have been here a long time that once had pro (but had then lapsed) were still able to benefit from many pro-only benefits; and I would imagine that this was corrected in the latest site changes.

I noticed that you haven't posted any Instructables, and if you weren't aware, you can earn FREE Pro-Membership by posting a feature worthy Instructable. Its definitely worth doing (and its the way I got my pro). :-)
thank you for the heads up on the pro status. I never think to record what I do because I just go out and do it and get it over with. That and I am not tech savvy (still using a flip phone) but I am trying to correct that.
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